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Complete Hemp Co-Founder Nominated For Model Citizen 2020

Jul 13th 2020

Complete Hemp Co-Founder Nominated For Model Citizen 2020

Living in a fast-paced world, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily living and forget about other important things in life, including something as basic as extending a helping hand. That’s why it’s always refreshing to see people, who go above and beyond to inspire and make a positive impact, being recognized. This year, our Complete Hemp co-founder, Paul Lepore, is among these individuals.

Paul is featured as a nominee for this year’s model citizen in the Model Citizens Magazine Long Island April 2020 edition. This publication is dedicated to artists, trailblazers, and industry leaders who have proven to be role models inside and outside of their respective fields.

A Personal Mission

A true family man, Paul is focused on becoming the healthiest version of himself. He had conquered years of medical issues and weight loss through cannabis and specific health supplements. With his experience and passion for health, he decided to come up with something that could help more people.

In 2014, Paul partnered with Howard Hoffman, and the mission to bring the best, cleanest, and safest hemp product to the market came to fruition with the establishment of Complete Hemp.

He explains to Modern Citizens Magazine, “I am very passionate about health and wellness from the physical, emotional, and mental perspective.

There is a wide variety of cannabinoids and they all have their specific uses. When we started this six years ago, we couldn’t find anyone who could make products to our standards so we set out on a mission to do it ourselves. We are now fully vertically integrated and have control from seeds to shelf.

With all the fake and garbage products on the market, we wanted to make unique products that retained the terpenes and flavonoids for increased bioavailability as nature intended.

We then crafted each product and its ingredients to work synergistically. For example, our topicals are the only on the market that absorbs to the hypodermal layer and in doing so don’t just repair but also protect. Organic and unbleached ingredients are something that you don’t see often in the personal care space but we took it further in using no preservatives, no water and no synthetic or petroleum-based ingredients. It really is a labor of love and we enjoy seeing and hearing the positive feedback and success stories we receive almost daily.”

Paying it Forward

In line with Complete Hemp’s mission to make a difference in the world, we not only deliver premium-quality CBD oil products, we also partner with the Gift of Life International. A portion of our proceeds is lovingly donated to save the lives of children in need all over the world. With every donation, we are able to help facilitate free heart surgeries for those in need; primarily children suffering from heart defects, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, or national origin.

Flourishing Further

The Model Citizens Magazine feature gives a glimpse of the Complete Hemp’s farm, where the magic begins. And as CBD oil products continue to rise in popularity, Paul Lepore and the Complete Hemp family are more than ready to continue flourishing further and bring change to the community and make an impact on more lives.