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Delivering cruelty-free and CBD

Hopping About with the Leaping Bunny Seal

We love us some bunnies—and all the animals and this planet too! That's why we made sure to take the big leap and now we're proud to carry the Leaping Bunny seal!

What's a Leaping Bunny certification, you ask? Leaping Bunny is the global gold standard for cruelty-free consumer products. It is one of the most recognized certification seals in the world.


See this? That's the Leaping Bunny seal you can spot on our website! This means that Complete Hemp has made a voluntary pledge to clear animal testing from all stages of our product development, making our products 100% free of animal testing.

For a company to obtain certification from Leaping Bunny, it must complete and pass the rigorous application process. This includes setting up brand-implemented supplier monitoring systems, supplying chain checking for animal testing right down to ingredient manufacturer level, and accepting ongoing independent audits to ensure compliance. Regular checks are also conducted to retain the certification.

In other words, it takes a lot of sincerity and commitment from a company if it wants to be recognized as completely cruelty-free; and Complete Hemp has been completely dedicated to doing just that.

Why this is a big deal

In this day and age of fast consumption, where most items in the market are mass-produced without any thoughts, companies that are eco-friendly should be in the spotlight. Nonetheless, getting a Leaping Bunny certification is not about celebrating a brand. It is about bringing more options for consumers to choose products that are sustainable and ethical.

The more companies pledging to this movement, the more ways to educate people about the benefits of conscious-consumption, not just for consumers but also for our planet. So if you have been considering the switch to cruelty-free products, you'd be happy to find a wide array of selection now.

Delivering cruelty-free and CBD

It's a refreshing treat to see that more and more companies have taken the effort to earn a cruelty-free badge. At the same time, the demand for CBD products is also growing. This is great news.

So what could be better? A product that's, well, complete with both! That's where we step in.

At Complete Hemp, we are devoted to quality without compromise. Not only do we take pride in being cruelty-free, we also take pleasure in producing CBD products with integrity and ingredients you can trust.

Our products are extracted from industrial hemp grown under various state and federally approved Department of Agriculture industrial hemp programs. We use only the most technologically advanced Super-Critical and NON-GMO Cold Ethanol methods to achieve the highest quality.

Each bottle of Complete Hemp is Ayurvedically formulated and designed to work in synergy with the body to enhance balance and support you to feel your best and perform optimally every day. From skincare to pain-relief, our products are designed to boost wellness and encourage self-care.

From our farm to you, our products go through a thoughtful and ethical process that results in 100% natural, non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free remedies.

Choosing cruelty-free

Choosing to live a more ethical life is a process that may not come as easy to some. The good news is, you can make the transition gradually by starting with something easier, like choosing beauty products that are cruelty-free.

Supporting cruelty-free products means fighting animal abuse. Laboratory animals like bunnies, mice, dogs, and cats aren't given the same protection when, in fact, lab animals are animals too. Testing chemicals on these creatures is simply unethical.

Moreover, opting for cruelty-free products means embracing less harsh or toxic ingredients. When a product undergoes a natural and cruelty-free process, it's also ditching bad chemicals such as sulfates and parabens.

Ultimately, when you go cruelty-free, you're choosing only clean ingredients for your skin and avoiding breakouts and allergies.

How to spot cruelty-free products

The easiest way to find cruelty-free products is to spot certification seals like Leaping Bunny and PETA. However, there may be products that identify as cruelty-free without the seal as not all brands, which may have certifications, would opt to pay for the use of the seal. In this case, you can go online to verify the cruelty-free claim of a brand.

Ready to go cruelty-free? See our complete list of Complete Hemp products.