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The Complete Hemp Difference

Devoted to quality. Committed to integrity. Complete Hemp™ is a vertically integrated company from the soil, to finished product.

We focus on efficacy, safety, and transparency in each step, ensuring quality to deliver exceptional hemp products.

Innovation is the heart of what drives us. team of visionaries have one goal in mind - to provide our partners and consumers with an end product they can trust and be proud of.
Cruelty Free
We are internationally accepted as Leaping Bunny Certified.
Paraben Free
No chemical preservatives found in our products.
Does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.
Made in the USA
We formulate, manufacture and package our products by hand right here in the USA.
Lab Test
Tested various time by a 3rd party ISO certified laboratory, with batch, lot numbers and expiration dates.
Grown using organic practices in the USA.
Made with all natural and organic ingredients
CBD Concentration
Concentrations are measured by the amount of total CBD in the package (not only the amount of hemp extract).
Conscious Products for Conscious People
We are a conscious-minded team of visionaries committed to crafting the cleanest, most effective wellness products infused with organically grown hemp extract, vertically integrated from the soil, to the finished product.

Innovation is the heart of what drives us. Our products and ingredients are Ayurvedically formulated and designed to work in synergy with the body to enhance balance and support you to feel your best and perform optimally every day, no matter what life brings your way.
What we’re about: Devoted to quality. Committed to integrity. It’s our genuine desire to help you thrive and create products that are safe and reliable for you,and your family.

Our continuous effort to ensure the best quality and bring transparency into each step of the process drives us to innovate and continually improve. This effort and commitment shines through our products and company mission.

You deserve to experience more of what you love.

You deserve products that you can trust and rely on.
Formulated By A Yale Scientist
In synergy with the body to stimulate skin’s inherent healing and beautifying mechanisms.

No external masking of skin problems, or temporary alteration of skin’s appearance with synthetic chemicals.

Anti-Pollution skincare that reduces the appearance of damaged skin against environmental pollutants.

Inspired by Ayurvedic modalities (considered medicinal in some countries) that were being developed 5000 years ago for various specific needs.
Our Process
At Complete Hemp™ our products are extracted from industrial hemp grown under various state and federally approved Department of Agriculture industrial hemp programs,using only the most technologically advanced Super-Critical and NON-GMO Cold Ethanol methods to achieve the highest quality.

We have full chain of custody for every batch shows where it was derived from for compliance and protection. Each batch is tested numerous times to ensure purity, potency and safety both by independent third party labs.