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Our Story

Back in 2014, our founders began working with cannabinoids and found themselves in a place where they felt the need to be of service and help to make change happen for others. They noticed how so many people around them were suffering every day with things like anxiety, depression, addiction to pain medication, skin disorders, and so forth. These were people close to them: their family, their friends, and their colleagues.

In the earlier years (back in 2007 to be exact), they started focusing on nutraceutical products to help people take a proactive approach to their health and wellness through proper diet and nutrition. Seeing the positive impact, they created with a vast amount of people dramatically changing their lives and achieving optimal wellness was nothing less than inspiring. With that as their foundation, they knew there had to be something more they could do for their loved ones who needed them.

After realizing the astounding amount of products on the market, falsely claiming to be organic and natural, that were actually unsafe and ineffective, they knew things could be better. They knew people deserved better. They knew they could raise the standard. They decided to take charge, so they created their own manufacturing company making other brands products. A few years later, they created Complete Hemp.

At conception, they teamed up with a molecular biologist from Yale, who is a lifelong student of Ayurveda and has a deep knowledge of medicinal herbs. Together they formulated the most highly effective hemp-derived products possible. Because quality is of the utmost importance to them all, they created the cleanest, organic formulas, free of any chemicals, toxins, or preservatives. All based on the power of nature. They created the company to be vertically integrated so they could keep the operation to the highest integrity and be fully transparent every step of the way.

When it came time to share their labor of love with the world, it was received with open arms and unwavering gratitude. Some have even said that their lives have been nothing short of miraculous ever since.