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3 Ways to Identify Pure High-Quality CBD Products

Oct 5th 2020

3 Ways to Identify Pure High-Quality CBD Products

There are a lot of CBD products currently out there. Having such a large selection from which to choose is great because it means that people are finally starting to realize just how wonderful the potential benefits of CBD and cannabis oil are. With so many companies offering a wide variety of different cannabis oil products, it should make you feel confident that you will be able to see potential benefits as well. However, trying to decide which one to purchase can be a little overwhelming when at first glance they all seem so similar. The sad fact that much of the CBD industry is underregulated is worrisome as well. How do you know what makes a CBD product good?

The following is a brief list of questions to help you navigate through the wide world of CBD products: 1. What is the CBD concentration and how is it calculated? 2. What are the inactive ingredients? 3. What else went into the production of the hemp used?

What Is the CBD Concentration and How Is It Calculated?

The CBD concentration is the amount of CBD you are receiving in a given product. For example, if a bottle of CBD oil tells you that the product has 250 mg of CBD, that does not mean you will receive 250 mg of CBD per serving. It means that you will be receiving 250 mg of CBD in the entire bottle. A 30 ml bottle of CBD oil with 250 mg of CBD has the same amount of CBD as a 50 ml bottle of CBD oil with 250 mg of CBD.

Now here’s where things get a little tricky: many companies will tell you that they have placed a certain amount of hemp extract into the product. If a bottle of hemp oil is labeled as 500 mg of hemp extract, that doesn’t mean you’re getting 500 mg of CBD. There are other components included within the hemp extract and that 500 mg includes them as well. With products labeled in that fashion, you may not be able to definitively tell exactly how much CBD you are purchasing. Be sure to check that you are receiving the correct potency you desire for the volume of the product.

What Are the Inactive Ingredients?

How much, if any amount, of the CBD topical is water? A key reason to use water as an ingredient for topicals, such as CBD cream, is how cost effective it is. That’s great for the manufacturer, but not necessarily great for the consumer. Water evaporates as it is spread over skin, leaving many components of the topical left on the surface of the skin, not getting to the deeper layers as needed. There are other, more beneficial ingredients than can be used, such as aloe vera, which allow more of the topical’s components to be absorbed in the deeper layers of the skin.

If the CBD cream you just purchased appears bright white, you can be confident that it contains chemically processed and bleached ingredients. Chemical processing can alter the bioactivity and bioavailability of the natural ingredients.

If the topical has the correct concentration of CBD, but your body is unable to access it, you won’t be receiving the full benefit. Make sure you check the inactive ingredients to see that they are premium quality.

What Else Went into the Production of the Hemp Used?

The saying “you are what you eat” does not just apply to humans. What is consumed becomes absorbed at a certain level by whatever is doing the consumption. If a manufacturer obtains hemp extracts from plants that have been grown with pesticides, or cultivated in soils with poor composition, like soils that contain heavy metals such as lead, trace amounts of unwanted compounds may still be in their finished product.

The only way to be certain that you’re not receiving any harmful chemicals is to see test results for that specific batch of product. There are some companies that make those test results available to you. There are also some companies that forego this testing.

Make sure you know what is actually going inside of you.

Why Choose Complete Hemp?

At Complete Hemp, we’ve chosen to do things correctly in the manufacture of all of our product lines to make you confident in your choice of Complete Hemp. We strive to be transparent in our offerings. Everything you want to know is placed clearly on the packaging. You can easily identify the concentration, the ingredients, as well as the batch number so you can see the test results.

Your body is a temple. Whichever Complete Hemp product you decide to bring into your temple, you can be confident that it will honor that sacred space.