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5 Reasons Why CBD Might NOT Work for You

Oct 14th 2020

5 Reasons Why CBD Might NOT Work for You

Why is CBD not working for me?! Maybe this has been your dilemma for quite sometime now. Or maybe in the future if you’ve finally decided to try CBD products.

Most probably, you’ve heard about the claims of the wonderful effects of CBD to people – the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective effects of CBD1. While many have vouched for its incredible health benefits, studies on this topic is quite limited as of this moment.

However, before you totally ditch the thought of using CBD, why not identify the possible reasons why it’s not working the way you expected it to be?

What is CBD?

Before we delve into the reasons why CBD might not work for you, it’s best to know that we are actually on the same page when talking about this topic. CBD or Cannabidiol is a product derived from Cannabis Sativa. While it is often associated with medical marijuana, it does not have its intoxicating adverse effects rather, according to reports, it may provide relief to a variety of conditions particularly those which are related to pain.2

Sadly, though many researches are dedicated to show the promising effects of CBD, it is an undeniable fact that there are also a number of claims that are left unverified; hence, a lot of misinformation are circulating now, most especially, online.

So, before you get agitated for not getting your desired results and claim that you have been scammed, let’s find out the reasons why CBD is not working well with you.

5 Reasons Why CBD might NOT work for you

1.The CBD product you bought isn’t from a reputable source.

Be honest: where did you buy your CBD product? Is it from a reliable company or from a store that you’ve just recently encountered online that gives insane discounts? Do note that some of these CBD products sold online or over the counter may not be of high quality.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t approved yet any non-prescription CBD products – and it is illegal to market CBD by adding it to a food or even labeling it as a dietary supplement.3

Therefore, always be careful of scammers who take advantage of your vulnerability by selling low-quality CBD products that are labeled exaggeratedly.

Here areComplete Hemp, we make sure that our products are chosen with care since we know that you’re putting them on your body. No chemical preservatives and animal-derived ingredients can be found in our products. And most importantly, these CBD products are tested at various times by a third-party ISO certified laboratory to ensure the quality.

2.You are not taking the right dosage.

Because the amount of CBD intake could vary on a range of factors, there’s a possibility that the reason why CBD might not work for you is because your dosage is inappropriate to your body weight, treatment condition, body chemistry, or other significant variables.

Before trying any CBD products, make sure to talk to your doctor on the appropriate dosage that you should take – and its potential risks to your body – most especially if there are certain prescriptions that you are required to maintain.

While the general rule of the thumb is to start with low dosage and then slowly increasing it, keeping track of your intake and noting your body’s reaction to CBD is critically important.

3.You want immediate results.

Like many other consumers, we know that you want immediate results. However, please do take note that exploring the effects of CBD takes time. Even researchers are still continuously studying its other benefits to the body.

If you want to get long-term effects of your CBD products, you have to be patient and stay committed. However, if the product still won’t yield any benefits to your body after months of using it, then maybe it's best to move and try a different brand.

4.You have not considered a different delivery system.

In case you don’t know yet, CBD products come in various forms – tinctures, capsules, topical creams, edible treats, and even vape oils. So, if you’ve only tried one delivery system and sees no change in your body, maybe it’s about time to shift to another mode of intake.

5.The CBD product interferes with your medication.

On this article, we learned how CBD works with the endocannabinoid system. This system primarily modulates sleep, diet, exercise, stress, and a multitude of factors in the body4. However, the possible benefits that CBD could bring to the body can be interfered if you are taking medications.

To avoid spending money and effort for nothing, make sure to consult your doctor before you start your journey with CBD.

In summary: Reasons why CBD might not work for you

Don’t easily lose heart if you’re not getting your expected results from using CBD products. Identify what could have gone wrong (or right). Make sure to get advice from your doctor. Check your dosage. And most importantly, only buy from reputable companies.

In case you want to check other delivery systems, you may check our products here. We have a variety of tinctures and topicals to choose from that will help you choose what’s best for you!


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