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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose our CBD Oil

Nov 27th 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose our CBD Oil

Not all CBDs are created equal. Just like anything in the market, the quality of a CBD oil product is highly reliant on several factors such as hemp source, farming practices, formulation development, refinement process, and other ingredients it’s blended with.With so many CBD brands popping up, it is natural to feel lost and confused over what you should be taking home—and rightfully so. When it comes to wellness, you have all the reasons to be extra cautious and prudent. We believe in the importance of making an informed purchase, so it’s fair enough that you acquire everything you need to know about our CBD products before hitting checkout. Here we lay out all the reasons why your search for the best CBD oil has come to an end by choosing Complete Hemp.

1. If you love clean beauty.

If it has to touch your skin or if something you’re taking in, it’s imperative to keep it non-toxic clean! All rhymes aside, each of our products contains only natural ingredients and is 100% paraben-free. In fact, our products aren’t white like most because we don’t use any artificial coloring, synthetic chemicals, dyes, and bleach.We are keen on not adding preservatives. Instead, to keep the products fresh, we package them in our recyclable BPA-Free, airless pump, with a self-sealing membrane, which would give them an 18-month shelf life.Additionally, all Complete Hemp products are vegan-friendly and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients at all. We source from farms using organic practices in the USA.

2. If you hate animal cruelty.

Speaking of being 100% vegan-friendly, Complete Hemp is Leaping Bunny certified. This is considered a global gold standard for cruelty-free consumer products. Leaping Bunny is one of the few and most recognized certification seals in the world.This means that we have made a voluntary pledge to clear animal testing from all stages of our product development. It is part of our mission to make a difference in this world and make a strong statement, and delivering cruelty-free CBD has been an honor.

3. If third-party lab testing matters to you.

The fact that a company would willingly undergo a third-party lab testing says a lot about its credibility. Third-party laboratory tests provide an unbiased and neutral source of information. This provides transparency for consumers.

Complete Hemp products are tested various times by a third-party ISO Certified laboratory to ensure that we only bring nothing but high quality. You can check each of our item’s laboratory test results, complete with batch number, lot number, and expirations date here.

4. If you want premium formulation.

A Yale scientist is behind the formulation of Complete Hemp products. As we harness the best gifts of nature, we make sure to develop something that is truly backed by science. Our products are crafted to work in synergy with the body and are inspired by Ayurvedic modalities.

Our products are extracted from industrial hemp grown under various state and federally-approved Department of Agriculture industrial hemp programs, using only the most technologically advanced super-critical and non-GMO cold ethanol methods to achieve the highest quality.

5. If you’re a fan of powerful ingredients.

Who isn’t, right? We only want something that could address our skincare issues. And that’s exactly why we’ve blended our CBD oil with all-organic ingredients known to be superstars when it comes to skincare. Vitamin C, aloe vera, microalgae, and other botanical extracts make for our well-thought-out products.

Bonus: If you want to help children with heart disease.

As a way of giving back to society and promoting world peace, Complete Hemp is partnering with the Gift of Life International Inc. to help with heart surgeries for those in need; primarily children suffering from heart defects, regardless of race, color, creed, gender or national origin.With every purchase of our products, a portion of our proceeds is lovingly donated. So you get to care for yourself and others too!