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CBD Secrets: Daily Habits for a Beautiful Skin

Apr 21st 2021

CBD Secrets: Daily Habits for a Beautiful Skin

Here is a little secret: you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive cosmetics and skin care products to revive your youthful glow. The secret to beautiful skin begins with a good skincare routine – and CBD.

According to modern researchers, your daily skincare routines can potentially have significant long-term impacts on the overall quality of your complexion than all those cosmetic procedures that you go through to fight the signs of aging – such as wrinkles and skin sagging.1

Incorporating CBD-infused products into your routine can also improve skin parameters2 as it stimulates the endocannabinoid system which has been manifesting therapeutic potential for various pathologies, including skin and cosmetic disorders.3

The Secrets to a Beautiful Skin

Achieving that beautiful and radiant complexion does not happen overnight. To help you on your quest, here are some of the beauty secrets that you can practice daily:

1. Remove your makeup.

We know. This is a no-brainer. But sometimes, when caught up with deadlines at work and chores to do at home, we tend to sleep and forget that we haven’t actually removed our makeup yet.

Now, keep in mind that when you fail to remove your makeup, sebum and sweat will ultimately clog your pores. As a result, this will potentially become blemishes on your face – or irritate your skin (which could lead to other serious things).

So, before worse turns to worst please don’t forget to remove your makeup before you go to sleep.

2. Drink plenty of water.

Uhuh, drinking water is not only beneficial for your health, it has also dermatological advantages according to recently conducted research made by scientists on the association between water and healthy complexion.4 As water has skin-hydrating effects, it is thereby recommended to consume plenty of water every day.

3. Moisturize.

No skincare routine is ever complete without moisturizing. This is such a vital part of the regimen because, after the day’s work, your skin will need to replenish the moisture and natural oils it lost due to heat exposure and stress from pollutants.

Applying Face & Eye Moisturizer with CBD twice a day can help keep your skin well-moisturized. And remember: a well-moisturized skin is soft, smooth, and radiant. Who doesn’t like that, right? Not only that, this CBD-beauty product also works as an anti-aging eye cream. By putting together organic ingredients like CBD oil, grapeseed oil, licorice, Neroli oil, and Vitamins E & B5, organic aloe vera, citrus fibers, shea butter, and kokum butter, you don’t only get to hydrate your skin, you are also able to keep your skin’s elasticity and address those concerns around the delicate area surrounding your eyes (dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines).

4. Sleep.

There has been an emerging discussion among modern scientists on the effects of sleep on dermatological conditions such as skin inflammation and aging. 5 Whether you go through these researches, it’s common knowledge how important getting the right amount of sleep is.

There’s a reason why they call it ‘beauty rest’. Sleeping allows your cells to regenerate and repair damaged cells. Therefore, if you want to achieve that youthful glow, you have to give yourself enough time to rest and set forth on a deep and prolonged sleep.

5. Shift to Skincare Products that are made from natural ingredients.

Are you aware of the ingredients of the skincare products that you apply to your face and skin? These days, it gets more and more confusing as to what products to use. A single search over the internet and – boom – it will feed you with tons of products to choose from. When uncertain of what to purchase, always, always opt for skincare products that mostly contain natural ingredients – like CBD beauty products.

CBD beauty products, like Complete Hemp’s Face & Eye Moisturizer with CBD and Collagen Booster Serum with CBD, are guaranteed to be organic, vegan-friendly, paraben-free, and have undergone several third-party laboratory tests. Always make it a habit to read product labels and take note of man-made chemicals that are known to trigger various skin conditions, like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and formaldehyde.

Wait, that’s all? Well, these may seem too basic to create a huge impact on your skin but these are all backed up by science. If these can help you get that youthful-looking skin, why suffer from those expensive and painful dermatological procedures, right?

Be consistent with your skincare routine and do these daily habits and you’re sure to be on your way to more beautiful and younger-looking skin. Always remember: trust the process. Consistency is always the key.


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