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Common Mistakes Most People Make with CBD Skincare Products

Oct 6th 2021

Common Mistakes Most People Make with CBD Skincare Products

If you are wondering why up until now your CBD skincare routine still does not work, maybe the common skincare mistakes are sabotaging your skin goals. To get radiant, healthy-looking skin, you have to learn to get to know the ingredients of your CBD skincare products, as well as your regimen, and your skin type.

Looking into these common skincare mistakes can help you do minor adjustments to your routine – and avoid the tedious, long process of product trial and error that may even worsen your skin condition. By revamping your skincare routine with CBD beauty products that are suitable to your skin needs, you can avoid mistakes and get the results that you are dreaming to achieve.

5 Most Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

1. Using toxic ingredients for CBD skincare products.

Have you checked the ingredients of your CBD skincare products? One of the many mistakes committed by many is not taking the time to go over the ingredients used in creating their beauty products. Without you knowing it, thousands of toxic ingredients are actually added to your cosmetics and beauty products that may affect not only your skin but, as well as, your overall wellness.

The European Union has already banned more than 1,300 cosmetic ingredients1 while the US has prohibited and restricted the use of eleven harmful cosmetic ingredients which includes bithionol, chlorofluorocarbon propellants, chloroform, halogenated salicylanilides, hexachlorophene, and so on.2

2. Heavily relying on facial wipes.

Who does not like using facial wipes, right? They’re handy, convenient, and travel-friendly. But have you ever thought that maybe one of the common mistakes you’ve committed aligned with your skincare is heavily relying on your facial wipes?

Note that no amount of facial wipes can totally and deeply clean your skin. Yes, it does the job of removing your makeup but it cannot replace your cleanser. Also, putting a lot of pressure on your skin when you wipe your face is technically a very harsh way of treating your skin.

3. Changing CBD beauty products too quickly.

Another common mistake done by many individuals is constantly changing their CBD beauty products. Well, we understand that you wanted immediate results. But CBD beauty products are not an overnight fix to your skin problems. You have to learn to be patient and allow your body to interact with the organic ingredients. Keep in mind that depending on what you’re treating, your skin may take time to show some results.

4. Not drinking enough water.

We’ve been told a lot of times, but probably we need some constant reminded that water is absolutely essential for normal functioning, not only of the body but most especially of your skin.3 While water consumption may vary from person to person, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention highly recommends daily water intake to prevent dehydration – that can potentially cause unclear thinking, mood swings, change in body temperature, constipation, and kidney stones.4

5. Failing to moisturize immediately after cleansing

There’s wisdom why skincare routines are to be followed religiously. Timing plays a very crucial role in the efficacy of your CBD skincare products. Failing to moisturize right after you cleanse your face can make your skin dehydrated and susceptible to irritation. Also, be keep in mind that not all CBD moisturizers are created equal.

For those with very sensitive skin, beauty enthusiasts highly recommend the use of organic CBD beauty products like Complete Hemp’s Face and Eye Moisturizer. This is made from organic aloe vera, L-ascorbic acid, organic argan oil, organic vegetable glycerin, full-spectrum CBD oil extract, citrus fiber, and many other vitamin-rich natural ingredients that can help you bid goodbye to that dry skin, dark circles, age spots, and wrinkles!

We hope to keep you informed with everything you need to know about CBD skincare. Avoid these common mistakes most people make when using CBD beauty products and give your skin the tender loving care it deserves. To learn more about incorporating CBD beauty products into a routine, see other good reads here.

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