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Complete Hemp Brings First Ever Interactive VR Expo Booth

Jul 8th 2020

Complete Hemp Brings First Ever Interactive VR Expo Booth

As we begin the second half of the year, the world continues to face COVID-19 and all its devastating reverberations that affect our everyday lives. Even as businesses and cities start re-opening, stringent guidelines are imposed to adjust to the new normal.

The mounting concerns related to this new coronavirus has impacted travel, mass gatherings, and has triggered a series of cancellations of expos and trade shows throughout the world.

Trade shows have always been an excellent platform to meet retailers and build a network to share our mission and grow our business. These gatherings have allowed us to distribute our products or help people understand exactly what cannabinoids are and what they can do.

While it’s true that with the cancellation of this year’s expos, we will have to miss face-to-face meetings with the community. This doesn’t mean that we are entirely missing the opportunity to interact and engage with our distribution partners, retailers, and clients. Every hurdle is an opportunity for innovation. For us at Complete Hemp, this stumbling block has tested our proactiveness.

So We Created a Virtual Journey

The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped Complete Hemp from bringing something valuable to the natural and organic products community. Since you can't attend expos these days, we have decided to bring the exhibition to you.

Through our very own virtual reality expo booth, you can now embark on an informatively fascinating journey through health and wellness—right in the comfort of your own personal space. The first-ever of its kind, this 3D render VR booth is fully interactive and easy to navigate. It is accessible through our website and available 24/7.

Step Into Our VR Interactive Booth

Our game-changing, state-of-the-art VR interactive booth is punctiliously designed to bring an educational and enthralling experience. Simply head to Complete Hemp VR page and get ready to feel like you are stepping inside a real-life trade show hall.

You will be able to “walk” and look around our booth to engage a virtual experience to view the products or discover the company mission and processes with just a click of a button. Every turn takes you to another space or “room” where you can learn something new.

Tip: To make sure that you don’t miss anything, click and explore each round icon and prompts!

The VR interactive booth is an excellent alternative for the community to connect and learn more about our CBD oil products and the stories each one of it has to tell.

Begin your first VR booth experience here. Best viewed on a desktop or laptop.