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Does CBD Have Negative Side Effects—Myth or Reality?

Dec 4th 2020

Does CBD Have Negative Side Effects—Myth or Reality?

Okay, now let us talk about one of the major concerns among many CBD users: its negative side effects. With all the hype and exaggerated claims circulating online, it gets disturbing to think about the legitimacy of these hemp products – most especially with the load of nonsense others are fabricating just to sell their product.

While ongoing researches provide promising effects of CBD to the body, we can’t deny the fact that studies are still limited to this. So, to help you verify the myths among the truths, we have listed here some of the common misconceptions about CBD. Today, let’s debunk these myths and be better informed about the potentials of this product.

Understanding CBD: Myth vs. Reality

Myth #1: CBD can cause serious side effects

The World Health Organization reported that those recorded adverse effects of CBD may just be a result of drug-drug interaction between CBD and the patient’s existing medication.1 To date, there is no evidence of any health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD. In fact, it is well tolerated in many states while the FDA continues to obtain and evaluate information to address outstanding questions relating to the safety of CBD products.

Nonetheless, as cannabidiol is a new compound that is being introduced to the body, according to Dr. Peter Grinspoon of Harvard Health Publishing, it is expected for the body to show reactions like nausea, fatigue, and irritability.2 To avoid this, it is highly recommended to ask for your physician’s approval before you try CBD products – most especially if you are taking maintenance medicine.

Myth #2: CBD can kill you.

This is yet another myth that we have to seriously address: the mind-boggling belief that the use of CBD can lead to death. Come to think of it, why would the 2018 Farm Bill be signed into law if hemp-derived products are deadly? Right now, CBD is legal in all 50 states. In addition to this, the Drug Awareness Warning Network Annual Report emphasized that there has never been a death recorded linked with the use of CBD. Based on studies, it would take a 70-kg of drug for a 70-kg person to possibly die from an overdose.

Myth #3: CBD Every day is Harmful to the Body

Seeing the potential benefits of CBD to the body, particularly to the endocannabinoid system, many individuals have successfully incorporated the use of CBD into their daily routine – this means they apply or take it not only once, twice, or even more in a day. And as mentioned by WHO, there are no recorded adverse effects or harm that CBD brought to the body. In fact, others even recommend regular intake of CBD to get the best results.

With so many stories and blog posts circulating online, we hope to help you sift through the facts. If you want to get to know more about CBD products, feel free to visit Complete Hemp and see other educational posts that will surely help you better understand CBD. We also have an array of CBD products that you can choose from and unapologetically use every day – like skincare products with CBD, products for pain and skin relief with CBD, and CBD and CBG oil. We have CBD oil for your pets too!

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