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Here’s How You Can Deal with Wrinkles and Age Spots if You Have Super Sensitive Skin

May 11th 2022

Here’s How You Can Deal with Wrinkles and Age Spots if You Have Super Sensitive Skin

Sure, it can be frustrating to deal with the redness, itching, stinging, and burning sensation every time you try on those new skincare products. Having such super sensitive skin can totally cause stress especially if you’ve been spending so much on expensive products only to get the same results.

These exaggerated reactions of your skin when in contact with cosmetics, soaps, and other beauty products1 may have made you doubt trying once again other alternatives to soothe the irritation felt. But, have you ever considered going for more natural options?

With the world brimming with high-tech devices and highly-advanced formulations, maybe there’s wisdom in going for a more organic and natural alternative – like CBD beauty products.

Which Skincare Product is Best for Sensitive Skin?

Knowing how tough it is to deal with the discomforts of having such sensitive skin, modern scientists continue their search for ingredients that can help alleviate the pain and irritation. One of the ingredients that have gained the interest of the beauty industry is CBD – or more clinically known as cannabidiol.

This non-psychoactive compound from the Cannabis Sativa plant has been identified to work well with the endocannabinoid system – reported to bring therapeutic benefits to various pathologies like skin and cosmetic disorders.2 Recent studies have shown how the topical administration of CBD has helped improve the quality of life in patients with inflammatory background3; hence, the big players in the industry have added this wonderful ingredient into their beauty products such as facial serum, cleanser, sunscreen, moisturizer, and the like.

With so many CBD beauty products made available in the market, note that not all CBD products are made equal. When dealing with irritation or skin sensitivity, it is important to be keen on the ingredients added and the procedures done by the manufacturers to ensure the quality of the products.

Here are some of the dermatologist-recommended CBD beauty products that are free from animal and petroleum products, parabens, GMO, toxins, gluten, fillers, synthetic chemicals, dyes, and bleaches:

Formulated with nourishing shea butter, soothing organic aloe vera, and protective argan oil, this CBD beauty product will surely keep your skin plump and hydrated. Added with Gotu Kola – an ancient herb known for its wound-healing benefits – this CBD collagen serum may help address inflammatory and other skin concerns at the same time help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

When it comes to sensitive skin, nothing is more important than knowing the ingredients of the CBD skincare product. Made from the powerful combination of kokum butter, niacinamide, jojoba oil, licorice, comfrey, Gotu kola, citrus fiber, essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this CBD skincare product can keep your skin stay hydrated and strengthen your skin barrier functions.

Having super sensitive skin should not limit you from getting that radiant and healthy-looking glow. Learn more on how CBD products can help you and your overall well-being. Check out our other helpful articles here!


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