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How to Fit CBD Into Your Morning Routine (As a Busy Parent)

Oct 26th 2020

How to Fit CBD Into Your Morning Routine (As a Busy Parent)

Life moves fast. It can feel like it moves even faster if you’re not alone in your household and are raising children. As a busy parent, little things such as trying to receive CBD benefits can slip right through the cracks to make sure that the important things that you do for your children each morning are accomplished. You may have had plans to take your CBD hemp oil since you first got it months ago, but life got in the way. As John Lennon said, "Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans."1 Having trouble changing your morning routine is normal and you are not alone. Let’s discuss a couple of ways to fit CBD into your morning routine.

CBD Oil First Thing in the Morning

The alarm goes off. You reach for the bedside table. Your hand ignores the snooze button and turns the alarm off. Inches away from your alarm clock is where you decided to keep your CBD oil, and before getting out of bed you place a dropper under the tongue. What a great way to start the day! If you decided to take CBD for anxiety, this is the perfect time for your first dose, before the stresses of life even have a chance to weigh on you.

Leave Hemp Oil in Locations You Frequent Every Morning

The key to changing your routine is to make sure the change becomes a habit. Keeping CBD hemp oil in places that are already part of your routine will make it easier to incorporate. Try leaving CBD oil with your keys, possibly in front of their normal place of storage, or directly on top of them. If you reach for them and your hand touches your supplement first, you’ll be sure to take it.

Many people have a daily regimen of other supplements or medications. If you have a daily container to house your other pills, make some CBD capsules, and put them with your daily regimen.

Cannabidiol in the Kitchen

Keeping cannabidiol in the kitchen gives plenty of opportunities to add CBD into your morning routine. Just store it in places towards which you’ll naturally gravitate. Right next to the coffee maker is a great place. As the coffee is brewing and your sliding into your waking state, there are a few minutes to receive some CBD benefits.

If you’re not a fan of your CBD oil’s taste, mix it into your orange juice or into a smoothie to have with breakfast. You’ll still receive the CBD effects, but it will be more palatable. Keep the bottle near where the glasses are stored to make it noticeable.

If you prepare your child’s lunch every day, keep your CBD oil near their lunch bag. You’ll never forget to prepare their lunch, and you’ll never forget to take your supplement.

CBD Cream in the Gym Bag

If you go to the gym every morning, leaving some CBD cream in your gym bag is a wonderful idea. After working out and your muscles are fatigued, lather some CBD pain relief cream where it’s sore to help you recover.

Cannabidiol as a Co-Pilot

Keeping CBD in your car is a great way to fit it into your morning routine. One cup holder can hold your coffee, and the other can host a bottle of CBD tincture. This is an excellent storage location, particularly if you’re forgetful. If you ever forget to take it while you’re at home, your car will be close to you all day. It’s a perfect place to store an extra bottle.

Hemp Oil as a Fur-Parent

If you have fur-babies, such as a dog, leave some of your supplements right by their leash so you’ll be sure to see it before their morning walk. You’re not the only one who can receive CBD benefits. CBD for dogs, cats, and horses is available as well!

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