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How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes? Can CBD Help?

Dec 29th 2021

How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes? Can CBD Help?

We can all agree that one of the major concerns among beauty enthusiasts is the puffiness around the eye area. It’s no wonder why eye rejuvenation is one of the most sought-after treatments among young people.1

For this reason, CBD anti-aging eye creams became a major hit in the beauty industry. At present, tons of products are now marketed to help reduce this puffiness. But, does CBD make a good eye cream? How can you exactly get rid of puffy eyes?

To answer these questions, it’s important that we understand exactly what causes puffy eyes, how CBD beauty products can be of help, and how you can easily incorporate this into your skincare regimen.

First, What Causes Eye Puffiness?

The puffiness around the eye area is a simple manifestation of aging.2 Being one with the thinnest skin in the body, the eye area eventually loses its elasticity to resist puffiness as years go by. This process can also speed up due to lack of sleep, allergies, and diet. Experts have also looked into genetics, stress, inflammation, and dehydration as other causes of puffy eyes.

So, How Can I Make My Eyes Less Puffy?

Cooling is one of the ways to reduce the swelling of the eye area. That’s why some of your dear friends would recommend putting cold compress, cucumber slices, tea, and sometimes a frozen spoon on your eye area.

However, do note that you don’t have to go all through these troubles for a quick fix. There are tons of CBD products available to help you address that puffiness. Paired with healthier life options and you are set to slow down the signs of aging!

Does CBD Make a Good Eye Cream?

While most eye creams would help moisturize that sensitive skin around your eye area, CBD eye cream like Complete Hemp’s Face & Eye Moisturizer with CBD does more than simply hydrating your skin. Made from organic aloe vera, shea butter, kokum butter, licorice, vitamins E and B5, full-spectrum Cannabis Sativa oil extract, and other natural ingredients, this CBD beauty product can help keep your skin’s elasticity, soothe inflammation, and fight free radicals.

With CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system – associated with therapeutic potentials for various pathologies like skin and cosmetic disorders such as eczema, pruritus, and inflammatory conditions3 – the use of topical formulation such as CBD eye cream may improve the skin quality.

What’s the Best CBD Eye Cream for Me?

If you have been doing the same skincare routine and you don’t see any difference from using the same eye cream, maybe it’s about time to introduce CBD beauty products into your regimen.

Complete Hemp’s Face & Eye Moisturizer with CBD is a perfect complement to your routine as it can save you both time and money. This all-in-one face and eye moisturizer is specifically formulated to be gentle on your skin but greatly effective in treating the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and hyperpigmentation. Plus, this CBD beauty product is 100% free from animal products, artificial colors, GMOs, toxins, fillers, dyes, and bleach. This has also undergone third-party laboratory testing so rest assured all details are made available for transparency and trust.

To learn more about CBD beauty products, you may see more here.


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