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Meet the Man Behind the First Filipino Minority-Owned Hemp Business

Aug 3rd 2020

Meet the Man Behind the First Filipino Minority-Owned Hemp Business

In recent years, CBD has upstaged sought-after natural ingredients in the health, wellness, and skincare industry. In fact, it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon—or ever. From celebrities to field experts, from fitness enthusiasts to everyday people, we are seeing how CBD oil products have become a superstar in daily regimen and routine.

CBD products are easy to find nowadays; it’s even convenient to buy CBD oil online. But if we rewind to a few years ago, it wasn’t at all this easy. More than five years ago, people who had just discovered. Hemp only had a few options. More so, these people may have had willingly settled for what’s available.

And then there are people like Howard Hoffman.

Howard and Paul Lepore, a third-generation Italian American Co-founded Complete Hemp, together because they couldn’t find any company that could make products to their standards, so they took it upon themselves to craft their own.

A Drive to Make a Difference

Philippine-born American entrepreneur and humanitarian Howard believes good health is something every person deserves. Using this passion, he now dedicates his life to changing the world through proper education about health and proper nutrition. Howard was able to do this with his three brands, pHresh Products, pHresh Superfoods, and Dream Nutrition. He is also a formulator, and creator of the world's first narrow-range pH testing strip, a class one medical device.

Howard has years of leadership and innovation under his belt. His technical and business qualifications paired with hands-on experience in strategic planning, product development, and system engineering strategies have proven his ability to successfully analyze an organization's critical business requirements to develop highly efficient strategies and cost-effective solutions. Above all, he leads with a heart and inspires kindness through the missions of his company.

Dedicated to Quality and Transparency

Complete Hemp is fully integrated from seed to shelf, focusing on providing the highest quality Hemp Cannabis Sativa products on the market. Believing in the gift of nature, products should always be paraben-free, preservative-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and non-GMO.

Moreover, all their hemp products undergo third-party lab testing to ensure unbiased findings and full transparency.

An Awarded Minority-Owned Hemp Business

The first US-based hemp company owned by a Filipino, Complete Hemp is a minority-owned company that has already received recognition from reputable organizations. In 2019, Howard was presented with the Asian American Leadership Award for Complete Hemp. The award, given by the USPAACC, recognizes leadership, achievement, and community service as a successful Asian American business.

Growing Stronger with the Community

Over the past twenty years, the United States has seen steady growth in the number of businesses owned by minorities of all sorts, including African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American. They have greatly contributed to the community by providing goods and services. In return, support from the community is highly essential for any minority-owned business. With the rising demand for hemp products, there’s no stopping Howard Hoffman and Complete Hemp Team to continually innovate and bring only the best to the market. The brand’s commitment to organic, clean, and safe alternatives shall continue to make a difference in the world with one thought-out product at a time.