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QUESTION: Why Do I Have Dry Skin?

Mar 26th 2021

QUESTION: Why Do I Have Dry Skin?

It may not be a big deal for some. But there are people who are perpetually stressed for having dry skin. Much more now that the seasons continue to change – forcing the skin to put up with a lot of stress caused by the weather, pollution, and hectic schedules.

If you are still in search of answers on how you can address your dry skin problems, then maybe you can opt for a more modern solution, a solution that has left the beauty industry raving these days: CBD beauty products.

What is CBD and what does it have to do with my skin?

In case this is your first time hearing about it, CBD – or more formally known as Cannabidiol – is a chemical found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is usually associated with marijuana but by nature, it is non-psychoactive1; hence, there is no need for you to panic about the misinformation spread about getting that ‘high’ feeling when using beauty products with CBD.

While studies about the effects of CBD on the body are still at an early stage, the leading brands in the beauty industry have started embracing this phenomenal ingredient. This is because modern science recently found the therapeutic potentials of CBD when it gets to work with the endocannabinoid system – known to help modulate various pathologies including skin and cosmetic disorders.2

How to improve dry skin with CBD beauty products?

There is nothing better than maintaining an adequate skin care routine that will help your skin get cleansed and moisturized. Making sure that the skin is properly hydrated at all times will surely improve its appearance. Here are some things to note to make sure that your skin remains beautiful, radiant, and moisturized:

1. Use a gentle cleanser. 

According to beauty experts, you can help alleviate dry skin by choosing the most appropriate and compatible cleanser for your skin. Make sure it is gentle to keep its radiance and smoothness. Keep in mind that experimenting with a lot of wrong products may result in dehydration or other worse cases.

2. Nourish skin with the right moisturizer. 

Take the time to look into the ingredients of the moisturizer that you are planning to purchase. Note that Gotu kola is known to help in minimizing scars and healing wounds while fatty acids are found to soften skin. You can also check if shea butter is present among the ingredients as this is one of the greatest moisturizers known to help prevent moisture loss.

All these and other organic ingredients are found in Complete Hemp’s Face & Eye Moisturizer with CBD. This is also specially formulated to help the skin keep its moisture and reduce the appearance of dark circles and age spots around the delicate areas surrounding the eyes.

3. Make sure that you are doing your skin care routine in the right order. 

Winning the battle against dry skin does not lie in using moisturizer alone. You also have to use a product that is known to lock in the hydration. Yes, we’re talking about Collagen Booster Serum with CBD.

Serums are known to help seal the hydration and penetrate deep to provide you with the right amount of moisture that you would need. With Vitamin C & E, organic oils, and microalgae working together with CBD, can you imagine the rejuvenating effects these combined powers of nature can bring to your dry skin?

These days, it’s no longer a question of why do you have dry skin. The more appropriate question is: what have you been doing to address these concerns about your dry skin?

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