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Stock up your Beauty Shelf with these CBD Products

Mar 12th 2021

Stock up your Beauty Shelf with these CBD Products

Finally joining the CBD beauty trend? Wise choice. Now, you’re set for an extremely wonderful journey towards better skincare. But what CBD beauty products are you planning to add to your routine? What are you stocking up on your beauty shelf?

As more and more celebrities and influencers are dropping their CBD beauty routine, it can be a little confusing for you as to what to add up to your set of beauty products. To cut the chase, we’ve done the research for you and listed down the most essential skincare products that you should begin stocking up on right now.

Wait, What’s CBD Again?

For folks who are not familiar with CBD skin care yet, Cannabidiol – or more commonly known as CBD – is a non-psychoactive compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant.1 It has been drawing much interest among modern scientists because of its therapeutic potentials to a broad range of neuropsychiatric disorders through its interaction with the recently discovered endocannabinoid system of the body.2

Because of the promising results of ongoing researches, big beauty brands have begun infusing CBD into their beauty products after finding out that CBD also plays an important role in various pathologies (including skin and cosmetic disorders) through its interaction with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system.3

What CBD Products Should You Add Up to Your Beauty Shelf?

Looking through the numerous CBD beauty products popping through your newsfeed can be confusing. To help you cut the clutter, we have listed the two most important CBD-infused beauty products that you should begin stocking up on your beauty shelf. Yes, no long-list of must-haves. These two are the absolute answer to your CBD beauty skincare needs.

1. Collagen Booster Serum with CBD

Ask any beauty enthusiasts and they will ultimately tell you that serum is one of the most important skin care products that you should use. Packed with natural ingredients like organic oil, aloe vera, Vitamin C & E, organic vegetable glycerin, microalgae, neroli oil, xanthan gum, and CBD full spectrum extract, serums can help your skin brighten, repair, hydrate, and fight signs of premature aging.

2. Face & Eye Moisturizer with CBD

No skin care routine is ever complete without the last step: moisturizing. No matter what kind of skin you are in, it is important to always keep it hydrated. Moisturizers keep your skin away from getting too dry. These also strengthen your skin barrier.

Aside from acting as a moisturizer, this newly-developed CBD skincare product also helps you limit the number of chemicals that you apply to your skin as this also acts as face and eye cream – an ultimate all-in-one day and night formula that can help you answer those concerns you have with that delicate area around your eyes. Made from meticulously-selected ingredients, aloe vera, shea butter, kokum butter, grapeseed oil, licorice, plant peptide complex, Vitamins B5 and E, Complete Hemp’s Face & Eye Moisturizer with CBD is surely the beauty product that you should stock up in your beauty shelf!

Now, you can finally bid goodbye to those wrinkles, age spots, dark circles, and even to that puffiness in your eyes!

So, that’s it? Yes. There’s actually no need for you to revamp your skincare routine just to accommodate CBD beauty products. Skincare professionals highly suggest keeping your routine simple in order to help your skin absorb better the ingredients that you apply.

Hence, no need to go through the hassles of identifying which products you should give up. By simply adding these two CBD beauty products to your regimen, you are set to experience the wonderful effects of CBD on your overall well being. To learn more about incorporating CBD skincare into your routine, you may check our other posts here.


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