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Terpenes: What Are They and Why Add Them to CBD Oil?

Jun 9th 2021

Terpenes: What Are They and Why Add Them to CBD Oil?

There are many parts of cannabis that are either underutilized, overlooked, or not recognized even by those that use them. Cannabis terpenes are one of those parts. You may be unfamiliar with what terpenes actually are, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t enjoyed using them already. Let’s take a look at why terpenes are important, and why many CBD hemp oils have them included in their formulas.

What Are Terpenes?

If you are familiar with essential oils, you are familiar with terpenes. Terpenes are highly aromatic compounds found in plants, not just in cannabis. Plants use them for a variety of effects, including attracting pollinators or repelling predators. Manufacturers isolate terpenes and include them in the production of perfumes, essential oils, body products, soaps, and even foods. Cannabis contains high concentrations of terpenes, and they are responsible for the variety of scents and flavors found in various strains of cannabis.1

Terpenes’ Effect On the Human Body

Many people use essential oils for the potential benefits received from aromatherapy, an alternative therapy based on scents. If terpenes are ingested instead of inhaled, they can be absorbed by the body for other possible benefits because they are bioactive, meaning that the body is able to absorb and utilize them for various purposes.1

How Are Terpenes Different Than Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids found in hemp products, such as cannabidiol(CBD) and THC, provide potential hemp oil benefits due to their interaction with the endocannabinoid system of the body. Some terpenes also interact with this system. However, these terpenes are not classified as cannabinoids because the body can also absorb these terpenes and utilize them in different ways. On the other hand, cannabinoids only interact with the endocannabinoid system.1

Why Add Terpenes to CBD Products and Oils?

Terpenes have potential therapeutic benefits on their own, but when combined with cannabinoids, they can enhance their effect. The “entourage effect” is believed to occur when the full spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes found in cannabis is all taken at once. This effect is synergistic, meaning the total hemp benefits received is greater than the sum of each individual benefit. Full-spectrum CBD oils are available that contain the full spectrum, including THC at levels that are federally legal and will not get you high.

Not every CBD tincture contains terpenes. There are many CBD isolates that contain pure CBD and no other part of the spectrum. These products will only allow potential CBD benefits and none of the possible therapeutic benefits that can be received by terpenes.

Try CBD oils that contain terpenes and find out for yourself the difference they can make!