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Tips to First Time CBD Beauty Products Buyers

Mar 1st 2021

Tips to First Time CBD Beauty Products Buyers

There’s no denying that CBD is truly ruling over the beauty industry these days. CBD beauty products grew immensely popular that even the giants in the makeup and skincare world are already joining the bandwagon by incorporating CBD into their major product lines.

Who wouldn’t? With the promising results provided by modern science on the therapeutic potentials of CBD1 as it works with the endocannabinoid system (implicated to play a significant role in dermatological disorders and keeping healthy skin)2, more and more people are enticed to try CBD beauty products and revamp their skincare routine.

5 Tips for First Time CBD Beauty Products Buyers

While all the buzz around CBD can be encouraging, the influx of information (and products) can get intimidating at the same time. So, to save you from the baits of hard sellers, we have put together a list of tips that you can consider as a newcomer in this trend. We hope to equip you with the necessary knowledge before you make an informed decision when buying CBD beauty products.

  1. Know your skin type.

    Before purchasing any CBD beauty product, it is very important that you know your skin type. This way, you will be more guided on what products to buy and get the most of the money you are spending. It’s ideal to consult your dermatologist or ask your doctor (if you have medicines to maintain) before trying out those topicals.
    In the report released by the World Health Organization, CBD has a generally well-tolerated safety profile and there is also no evidence of any public health-related problems associated with the pure use of CBD, it’s also better to consider the opinion of your doctor.
  2. Check ingredients.

    CBD beauty products are mostly favored by beauty enthusiasts because these products utilize organic ingredients. By nature, these ingredients are less harmful especially to those with sensitive skin.
    Before purchasing any CBD beauty products, make sure to check ingredients, specifically those synthetic preservatives like parabens. All Complete Hemp products are guaranteed to be organic, vegan-friendly, and paraben-free. Our CBD beauty products have also undergone several third-party laboratory tests.
  3. Research manufacturer background.

    Another concern among many skincare companies is the issue on animal testing. Isn’t it painful to have those furry friends – such as guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, and mice – ending up as sacrifice so just you can better improve your skin?

    Therefore, it is best to consider buying CBD beauty products from manufacturers that don’t participate in this unethical practice.
  4. Request for samples first.

    Yes, it’s quite tempting to splurge and buy lots of CBD beauty products available in the market. But before you end up wasting your money on products that don’t actually suit you, might as well try out sample products first, right? Testing those free samples may actually save you – your skin and your pocket too.
  5. Read reviews.

    If your favorite celebrity or influencer is using those serums and moisturizers, why shouldn’t you? Well, maybe because those products are exaggeratedly advertised? If there’s one thing you should do before purchasing beauty products, it is to always read legitimate reviews from people – both good and bad. This will provide you an initial idea of how the skincare product will affect your skin. Totally saves you time from the trial-and-error process.

Before investing in a new skincare product, like CBD beauty products, do make sure to do some research. Don’t hesitate to ask friends and read through the comments of other people before purchasing. To learn more about CBD beauty, you can check our other articles here.


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