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Truth Revealed: Why You Need an Eye Cream in Your Skincare Routine

Apr 2nd 2021

Truth Revealed: Why You Need an Eye Cream in Your Skincare Routine

‘Do I really need an eye cream?’ For sure, you have asked yourself this question a number of times – or probably every time those CBD beauty products pop up whenever you’re browsing online. With the beauty industry going crazy with the CBD beauty trend, it gets more and more difficult to identify the products that are necessary to your skincare routine from those that you can simply skip.

Eye creams are actually a fantastic addition to everyone’s skin care routine. But its necessity remains a debate among many beauty enthusiasts. Many say that the actual must-haves only consist of cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and serum. To some, getting an eye cream seems a little excessive.

What do Skin Care Professionals say about Eye Creams?

Well, according to some dermatologists, unless you are already experiencing specific problems in that delicate skin in the eye area, it is really not a necessity to add eye creams to your regimen. In fact, your moisturizing cream can already suffice as long as it does not contain harsh ingredients that may irritate the eye area.

Beauty products like Face & Eye Moisturizer with CBD are made from organic ingredients – such as aloe vera, shea butter, kokum butter, grapeseed oil, licorice, Neroli oil, and Vitamins E & B5 – can already help address the early signs of stress and aging. These organic ingredients are known to quickly penetrate into the skin and help soothe irritation and inflammation. Additionally, the presence of citrus fibers also helps fight free radicals and keep the skin’s elasticity; thereby, keeping its radiance and youthful glow.

This CBD beauty product has been specifically made to limit the number of beauty products you apply to your skin. Face & Eye Moisturizer with CBD is the ultimate all-in-one day and night formula that works as a moisturizer and eye cream at the same time! With this, you will no longer need to stress whether or not to add an anti-aging eye cream to your skincare routine because it’s already incorporated in your moisturizer.

Why Do I Need to Add an Eye Cream to my Skincare Routine?

We all know how fragile the skin around the eye area is. Not only is it prone to dryness, but it is also one of the quickest to show signs of aging and fatigue. Without you knowing it, wrinkles, dark spots, puffy eyes, and fine lines may begin to appear around your eye area if you won’t do anything to prevent these from happening – the very reason why eye creams play a big part in your skincare routine.

Now that you can maximize the use of your Face & Eye Moisturizer with CBD for this delicate part of your eyes, you can do the following steps to keep this part of your face plump, even, and smooth:

  • Moisturize your eye area.
  • Apply sunscreen and products with antioxidants (like Collagen Booster with CBD) to help address dark circles and wrinkles.
  • Be gentle when removing your makeup and washing your face. Do not tug or rub your eye area.
  • Keep a healthy lifestyle.

You see? Your skincare routine need not be complicated to address your skin concerns. Getting to know the products that you are using is more important than applying a lot of chemicals to your face. Know that sometimes, all you ever need is a moisturizer – the most appropriate topical product design to improve and maintain the skin barrier function and keep your skin hydrated.1

For your CBD skincare needs, check out the organic, vegan, and paraben-free products available at Complete Hemp. Consider giving Face & Eye Moisturizer with CBD a try. You’ll totally be surprised by the results!


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