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What does CBD Oil Taste like?

Oct 2nd 2020

What does CBD Oil Taste like?

Whether you are a newcomer or a regular user of CBD oil, admit that you’ve once wondered what it tastes like. That’s normal. In fact, many individuals are still quite hesitant to try CBD oil in fear of its unpleasant and intolerable taste. Others even assume that it tastes the way cannabis plant smells like – strong, skunky, and totally tough to swallow. But what does CBD oil really taste like?

By the way, what is CBD Oil?

Before we go discussing its taste, it’s best to make sure that we are actually on the same page with regards to this topic. CBD is short of Cannabidiol – a chemical compound found in the industrial hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa.

It’s not the same with medical marijuana as it only contains trace (less than 0.3%) to no amount of THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) which gives marijuana its psychoactive effects. Therefore, CBD won’t get you high.

So, what does CBD Oil Tastes like?

Naturally, as its ingredients are extracted from the cannabis plant, you can expect an earthy, grass-like, or nut-like taste from your CBD oil. Although this could vary from one person to the other, the fact that it's organic, natural, and non-toxic, you can only expect these kinds of taste on your buds.

In addition, knowing beforehand how CBD oil actually tastes like can also help you identify if the product already contains artificial flavoring and other chemicals – because the taste could feel more pleasant than it should be. Its strong taste is a reminder that it is rich in terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds that will give unique effects to your body.

What is responsible for its taste?

Generally, the taste of hemp is not as straightforward as other food that people eat. This is because part of its significant flavor (or aroma) comes from terpenes. In science, terpenes are organic and aromatic compounds found in plants. This is where the therapeutic properties of your essential oil come from – that strong aroma and flavor that most people like.

How to make CBD oil taste better?

While many people find the taste of CBD oil to be quite pleasant and tolerable, let’s admit that there are those that can’t withstand its taste. And that’s fine. If you really want to experience the many benefits that CBD oil can bring to your body, CBD can actually blend well to all sorts of food including beverages, sauces, dressings, and more!

  • You can also do the following trick to enjoy the unique taste of CBD oil:
  • Mixing the hemp oil with coconut oil
  • Drinking juice after dispensing CBD oil underneath your tongue (for rapid absorption)
  • Masking the taste of the oil by having a piece of food that is ready to eat after taking CBD oil
  • Drinking coffee to remove its strong flavor
  • Brushing your teeth right after your oil intake
  • Putting mints or gums inside your mouth before putting the oil (thi will provide a strong minty flavor that will overpower your CBD oil)
  • Adding CBD to your yogurt or smoothie

Though mixing CBD oil with food or drink can provide a more palatable taste, do note however that this could also affect absorption in your body and lessen its effect. But if you are more comfortable with this method, you can try to minimize the amount of food or drink that you take so as not to comprise the good effects of CBD oil.

Final thoughts

Knowing what to expect from your CBD oil in terms of flavor will help you set expectations and better understand the good it will bring to you. Most importantly, remember that the best results do not solely rely on good taste rather on the reputable manufacturer that brought your product to life. Choose wisely, stay healthy!