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What Is Anti-Pollution Skincare and Why Is Everyone Talking About It

Aug 10th 2020

What Is Anti-Pollution Skincare and Why Is Everyone Talking About It

As if the harsh UV rays weren’t enough, we’ve got another enemy lurking around us every day. This time, it’s in the air. From car exhaust to smoke and other air irritants, pollution is something that we, unfortunately, cannot avoid or intercept.

We already know how these pollutants can negatively affect our health and well-being, but there’s another scary side to this—the effects on your skin.

If you’re currently living or working in the city, and you’re wondering why all those unsightly wrinkles and fine lines keep on showing up, there’s no doubt air pollution has contributed to these premature signs of aging. People living in polluted urban areas age 10% faster than those living in the country, according to studies.With these effects, it’s no wonder why people are turning to anti-pollution products that can help protect the skin from the harmful effects of pollution. But what is it exactly and can it really be a solution?

What are the effects of pollution on the skin?

The ozone in photochemical smog has been found to speed up skin aging as it depletes vitamin E levels in the skin. This interferes with the wound-healing processes, therefore, causing oxidative stress.

Squalene is one of the primary antioxidants of the skin surface, along with vitamin E. However, squalene may decrease in polluted areas, and low values of these antioxidants can lead to dry skin. Moreover, pollution can cause irritation, rashes, break-outs, and clogged pores.

What is anti-pollution skincare?

The latest fad in skincare is a new range of anti-pollution products that aim to fend off the aging effects of smog through antioxidants. Antioxidants halt oxidative stress caused by free radicals within your body. Free radicals are responsible for skin dehydration and over pigmentation.

With its antioxidant ability, anti-pollution skincare can counteract the particles in the air that harm the skin. Basically, anti-pollution skincare products are aimed at building a barrier on your skin to prevent the air pollutants from clogging the pores or penetrating the deeper layers.

Benefits of antioxidants in skincare

  • Extra protection against harsh UV rays
  • Lightens skin tone and pigmentation
  • Boosts hydration
  • Enhances skin firmness
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

What antipollution skincare products should you use?

Sunscreen is great but sunscreen alone cannot ward off all the free radicals affecting your skin. Incorporate anti-pollution products into your skincare routine to feel fully protected. Here are some of the best skincare products that you should be on the lookout for:

  • Vitamin C-infused Products

Vitamin C is well known for its role in supporting a healthy immune system, but it’s also an anti-oxidant. It contains retinol, a proven anti-aging ingredient that effectively improves visible signs of skin damage. Look for creams and face masks that contain vitamin C to guard your skin from free radicals.

  • Collagen Boosters

Collagen boosters come in the form of creams, serums and toners. These products aim to provide a revitalized and youthful skin complexion by reducing fine lines and dark spots. Complete Hemp’s Collagen Booster Serum with CBD Oil is made of organic, anti-pollution ingredients that are also surprisingly safe for sensitive skin.

  • Face and Eye Creams

Don’t forget the skin around your eyes. A Face & Eye Moisturizer Cream with CBD can work wonders in eliminating puffiness and dark circles. Not to mention the wrinkles!

When choosing anti-pollution products, make sure to avoid anything with chemical preservatives, parabens, synthetic colors, or dioxins. Products with these ingredients have been linked to skin irritation and developmental complications.

Instead, always choose all-natural, preservative-free, products with no artificial coloring, so as not to invite toxins to settle into it.

Final Thoughts

Whether we like it or not, air pollution has always been a part of daily life for most of us. Oftentimes, we even get so used to it that we almost forget it’s a global problem each one of us need to be working on. On a more personal level, pollution can no doubt cause ugly spots and wrinkles to appear on your skin and it’s about time you do something about it. It’s not just about looking young and vibrant, it’s also about health. With the evolution of anti-pollution skincare products, you can finally protect yourself without hampering your daily routine.